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19 place Marguerite Perey, 91120 Palaiseau
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E-mail: romain.alleaume at telecom-paris.fr

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Research interests:

My research is centered on quantum information and quantum cryptography, with a particular focus on optical quantum communications and quantum key distribution (QKD).

I am currently working on four (interrelated) research projects

* Quantum coherent optical communications, with an emphasis on continuous-variable quantum key distribution, experimental system development and optical networking.

* Quantum Hardware Security. A pressing issue, in view of QKD industrialization, is to develop appropriate methods and standards, allowing for security evaluation and certification of high-TRL QKD products. On a more fundamental level, my objective is to explore how quantum hardware and quantum cryptography (beyond QKD) can be integrated within security protocols to provide stronger physical layer security guarantees.

* Hybrid (quantum/computational) security models in quantum cryptography. The objective is to develop new protocols capable of offering long-term security guarantees - inaccessible with computational-only techniques - while presenting higher versatility, better performances and lower implementation complexity than QKD.

* Quantum information processing with multimode photonic technologies  The objective is to leverage on some existing components developped for the telecom industry to process high-dimensional quantum states, encoded over frequency modes. Targeted applications range from quantum computing and quantum metrology to quantum cryptography.

Current Research grants:

* QCALL (Quantum Communications for all). 2017-2020
 European Innovative Training Network (project 675662) funded by the Marie Sklodowska Curie Call H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015.

* CiViQ (Continuous Variable Quantum Communications). 2018-2021
Research and Innovation Action, Quantum Technology Flagship / Q communications pillar, (project No 820466).

* OPENQKD (Open European Quantum Key Distribution Testbed). 2019-2022
Research and Innovation Action, Quantum Technology Flagship (project in negotiation).

* Télécom ParisTech / Télécom Alumni: PhD grant on the convergence of classical and quantum coherent communications ( PhD applicant: Raphaël Aymeric, co-supervised with Cédric Ware). 2018-2021

After graduating from ENS Paris, Romain Alléaume has completed his PhD at University Paris VI and ENS Cachan in 2004, on experimental quantum cryptography with single-photon sources, he was the co-recipient of “magazine La Recherche” scientific prize 2004. He then joined Telecom ParisTech to coordinate of the work on QKD networks performed within the European FP6 project SECOQC that culminated by the first demonstration of a QKD network in Europe. Romain Alléaume co-founded the start-up company SeQureNet in 2008, who has developped the first commercial continous-variable QKD product, Cygnus, released in 2012. He participated to two national projects on quantum key distribution PROSPIQ (2006-2009) and SEQURE (2007-2010), as well as the French-Canadian project FREQUENCY dedicated fundamental research on quantum cryptography. Romain Alléaume then coordinated national and european projects, with an emphasis on QKD implementation security (FP7 Q-CERT, 2008-2012) and on the optical integration of QKD in telecommunications networks (French ANR Quantum-WDM, 2012-2015). He is also a member of the ETSI QKD Industry Standardization Group, and an active contributor to the international scientific and technical effort on QKD technology, and quantum cryptography.


Publications in quant-ph

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Publications and communications (HAL database)


Romain Alléaume, Communications with everlasting security from short-term-secure encrypted communication. International Patent Application WO2016110582A1, issue date 10/08/2019, claiming priority of EP3043508B1 filed in January 2015.

Romain Alléaume, Adrien Marie, Phase reference sharing schemes for continuous-variable quantum cryptography, International Patent Application WO20171194582A1, claiming priority of EP3244566A1 filed in April 2016.

Student Supervision

PhD students
1.    Francesco Mazzoncini, 2020--, Traitement quantique de l’information quantique en grande dimensionalité et applications cryptographiques, (co-supervision with Sylvain Gigan, ENS,LKB, Paris).
2.    Raphaël Aymeric, 2019--, Convergence of classical and quantum coherent communications.
3.    Nilesh Vyas, 2018--, Cryptography in a Quantum-Computational Hybrid security model .
4.    Adrien Marie, 2014-2017, Partage de référence de phase en distribution quantique de clé à variables continues.
5.    Paul Jouguet, Performance et sécurité de dispositifs de distribution quantique de clés à variables continues, 2010-2013 (co-supervision with Eleni Diamanti).
6.    Hao Qin, 2011-2015, Implementation security of continuous-variable quantum key distribution.
7.    David Elkouss, "Efficient reconciliation based on LDPCs for discrete-variable QKD protocols". Doctoral stay: January 2008-December 2008. PhD at Universidad Politechnica de Madrid defended on December 12, 2011.
8.    Aurélien Bocquet, 2008-2011, Modèles de sécurité réalistes pour la distribution quantique de clés.
9.    Rex Medeiros, Zero-error Capacity of Quantum Channels, 2006-2009. PhD in "co-tutelle, between University Federal de Campina Grande (Brazil, Prof. Francisco Assis) and Telecom ParisTech (Prof. G. Cohen and Romain Alléaume). Defended on September 24, 2008 in Telecom ParisTech.

Post-doctoral students
1.    Ravi Ragunathan, 2018-2019. Arbitrary Unitary Synthesis with Optical Quantum Frequency Processor
2.    Rupesh Kumar, 2011-2015. Experimental Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution : WDM Coexistence, Implementation Security, Current position : Research Associate, University of York.
3.    Brijesh Raï, 2010-2011. Optimization of state preparation on a quantum network.
4.    Mehrdad Dianati, 2006-2007. Quantum Key Distribution and Networking. Current Position :  Professor of Connected Autonomous Vehicles, University of Surrey.

Master Students
1.    Francesco Mazzoncini, « Implementation security and Attack rating in QKD », Dec 2019-Aug 2020
2.    Adrien Marie, « Partage de référence de phase en CV-QKD », Jan-July 2014
3.    Vincent Henry, "Analysing noise contributions in Continuous-Variable QKD", 2010
4.    Anne Limoge, "Etude d'une modication des protocoles d'échange de clés quantiques", 2010
5.    Roberto Guerra, "Development of a security application on a smartphone and integration within the SECOQC QKD network architecture. Demonstration and deployment for the SECOQC  Internatianl Conference and Demo", may 2008-december 2008. Master Thesis for Telecom ParisTech and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
6.    Marco Nicoletti, "SECOQC quantum key distribution network complete modeling and performance analysis", january 2008-july 2008. Master thesis for Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. Marco now works as an engineer for Innova.
7.    Stefano de Crescenzo, "Performance analysis of a quantum key distribution network", january 2007-july 2007. Master thesis for Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. Stefano now works as an engineer for Cisco.

Professional activities

* PC member of QCrypt 2016
* PC member of Qcrypt 2014,
* PC member of QCrypto 2012
* Chair of Workshop on Post-Quantum Security Models, Paris, Oct 2010
* Organizing committee QCrypt 2014 (Paris), Chair of the Industry session

* Member of the Scientific Committee of the QT Flagship project CiViQ (2018-2021)

Member of the ETSI QKD Industry Standardization Group: Co-founder, Responsible of the work item QKD Deployment

* Member of the Conseil Scientifique "Technologies Quantiques" at French Ministry of Research and Higher Education, 2017-2018.

* Expert for the European Commission (DG CNECT) on Quantum Communications and  Quantum Networks. 2017-2018-2019.

* Elected Member of LTCI Conseil de Laboratoire (2005-2009)

* Reviewer: Nature, Nature Communications, Physical Review A,
Journal of Lightwave Technologies, New Journal of Physics, IOP Quantum Science and Technology, Journal of Physics A, Optics Express, Quantum Information and Computation, Npj Quantum Information, Journal of Quantum Electronics, Quantum Information and Computation.

* Quantum Engineering (QEng) : 6-month PhD Access Program, at M2 Level, 2017-2020 [coordinator]
* Quantum Computing, QEng Program, M2 course at Telecom Paris 2017-2020 [coordinator]
* Quantum computing and quantum information, ACCQ206, Master1 course at Telecom Paris (2016-2020) [coordinator]
* Quantum communications, Option of Master 2 LOM, (2013-2020)
* Introduction to quantum cryptography and quantum computing, Master1 course at Telecom Paris, Master cybersecurity, (2016-2020).
* Programming a real quantum computer, 2-weeks intensive project, Project Application Final, L3 at Telecom Paris (2016-2020).
* Security services and cryptographic mechanisms, SR2I202, M1 course at Telecom Paris, (2010-2020) [coordinator]
* Micro-Nano-Physics, MNP, First year (L3) course on quantum mechanics and statistical physics at Telecom Paris, (2012-2020)
* Introduction to quantum information and quantum computing, Formation des Ingénieurs du Corps des Mines (2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018)
* Quantum Computation and Communications, SI349, M1 course at Telecom Paris (2006-2012)
* Quantum Cryptography, quantum coding and quantum information theory, MDI 344 , Master 1 course at Telecom Paris (2009, 2010).
* Information Theory, COMMDI225, M1 course at Telecom Paris (2006, 2007)
* Error Correcting Codes, Master Spécialisé Radio Mobile (2005, 2006, 2007)

07/2020: Opening of a 2-year Postdoc Position

Quantum Coherent Communications and Cryptographic Applications

Description here

Starting date:
As soon as possible


Nov, 5 2020: Invited talk at "Séminaire Communications et Capteurs Quantiques", Association Aristote, Ecole Polytechnique.

March 24, 2020: Invited Talk at Journée RISQ on Post-Quantum Cryptography.

March 8-12 2020: Invited Talk at OFC, San Diego, USA

Jan 26-31 2020: Invited lecturer on CV-QKD, IdQuantique Winter school.

Oct.1-2 2019: OpenQKD Kick-off
in Vienna.  Quantum Technology Flagship

June 21 2019: Talk at Boolean Functions and Applications workshop in Florence on Quantum-Computatonal Cryptography

April 4 2019: Inviteld talk at French Photonics Days, on QKD industrialization.
Slides here