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StarFace Database



The Starface database is a collection of 934 face images belonging to 70 (37 female and 33 male) famous international celebrities including actors, anchors and high level sport players. The number of images per celebrity ranges from 2-40 images. All the face images were registered in order to make both the center between the eyes and the scale fixed. The database is hierarchically organized in two levels: the first level splits the database by gender and the second one by identity. The database is ideal for face recognition, gender classification and face component extraction. Sample of thumbnails are shown below.

DownLoad: Please send an email to Hichem Sahbi via sahbi (at) certis (dot) enpc (dot) fr. When using this database for publication, please refer the following paper: Hichem Sahbi and Donald Geman, A Hierarchy of Support Vector Machine for Pattern Detection, Journal of Machine Learning Research, Volume 7, 2087--2123, October, 2006.


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