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French-English subnet in the International E-Mail Tandem Network.

If you speak perfect French and are learning English, or the other way around, then this is the right subnet for you.

How you can participate

A second thing to do is:


Through the forum and from the Tandem team "dating agency" you will receive further tips concerning tandem learning with your partner and participation in the forum. But we'd also like to answer some of your most common questions here.

And now for some interesting English and
French Links.

You're also very welcome to contact one of the two subnet co-ordinators below....

Subnet co-ordinators

James Benenson, Département des Langues Vivantes, ENST Télécom Paris (F) E-Mail: benenson@enst.fr

Lesley Walker, Modern Languages Teaching Centre, University of Sheffield (UK) E-Mail: Lesley.Walker@sheffield.ac.uk

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