Hello, I'm James Benenson

Welcome to my home page! I'm one of the English teachers in the Languages and Cultures Department at the ENST here in Paris.
Besides teaching English I'm also a sculptor.

This is one of my sculptures. It's called "La Grande Femme" and is a small bronze.

(Click on the picture to see it full-size.)

Would you like to see some other sculptures and drawings I've done?

There are even more here: http://www.benenson.org

When I'm not sculpting I'm teaching English to engineering students. Please go to the Department of Languages and Cultures at the ENST to learn more about the department that I spend most of my time in.

Since 1991 I've been involved in many different projects using the Internet to help my students improve their English. The Internet opens up many possibilities to the language classroom. Some of the courses I've been teaching in the last years have been about exploring the internet. At the ENST my students over the last years have contributed to the Internet Projects Class site. Have a look and tell us what you think.

Besides our LC Web Forums which went online in October 2002 to provide better communication and exchanges for all our language classes my classes also use blogs and wikis to share and collaborate. (We're using the open-source Phorum forums and we're really pleased so far.)

You're all invited to the Forum for English Language Links-- perhaps you have some interesting web resources to add!

In past years my students have often participated in an International Writing Exchange created and coordinated by Ruth Vilmi at HUT (the Helsinki University of Technology). (Ruth has lots of interesting things to visit on her page.) In a typical writing exchange different classes participate from around the world: in France, Korea, Spain, Mexico, Finland, Singapore and the US.

Another project that's very important to me is the International Email Tandem and Forum Project created and organized by Helmut Brammerts at the Ruhr-Universitat in Bochum Germany.
I'm one of the coordinators of the ENG-FRA Discussion Group where more than 200 people exchange messages about English and French and the cultures and people that speak these languages.
If you're a French speaker and you'd like to have an English, Irish, American or Australian student to write to via email go to the ENG-FRA Page to ask for a TANDEM partner.(And of course do the same thing if you're an English speaker and you'd like a French speaking partner!) :-)



Past projects....

Among the projects that my students really enjoyed in the past was in January 2000. My students participated in the Experience Project created and coordinated by Bruce Roberts, a professor of cross-cultural psychology at St Olaf College in Minnesota, USA, in which students at St. Olaf and in France and "elders" from around the world talked about their experiences.

One last very interesting project was the CCED--Cross Cultural Explorations and Dialogues--Babel project that took place for the third time in 97-98. It was organized by a team in Estonia at the Institute for Baltic Studies. Here different teams representing different cultures throughout the world completed a weekly discussion based task. My students represented France and French culture, of course, and there were 6 other cultures that took part in the last Babel project year-- from Japan, Estonia, Turkey, the US, Germany and Israel. This is a good example of what sort of international, multi-cultural projects the Internet can make possible!

Here are some of my favorite links (the first ones are the most recent) that I think might be interesting for you to look at:

That's all for now..... Hello to all from the modern language department at the ENST in Paris.

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