Wanyu Liu (Abby)


I am a Ph.D. candidate at Télécom ParisTech, under the supervision of Olivier Rioul, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Yves Guiard. My Ph.D. thesis focuses on designing interaction techniques and studying user performance from an information-theoretic perspective, by capturing the uncertainty in the communication process and exploring the notion of combining human intelligence with machine power. Before starting my Ph.D., I did my master thesis with Bernd Ploderer at Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces at University of Melbourne on sleep tracking technologies.

       Télécom ParisTech
            46, rue Barrault
            75013 Paris, France
            Office F403


BIGFile: Bayesian Information Gain for Fast File Retrieval       Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (Top 5%)
Wanyu Liu, Olivier Rioul, Joanna McGrenere, Wendy E. Mackay and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
In Proceedings of CHI'18, 13 pages, Montréal, Canada, April 21-26, 2018

Information-Theoretic Analysis of Human Performance for Command Selection
Wanyu Liu, Olivier Rioul, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Yves Guiard
In Proceedings of INTERACT'17, 10 pages, Mumbai, India, September 25-29, 2017

BIGnav: Bayesian Information Gain for Guiding Multiscale Navigation       Best Paper Award (Top 1%)
Wanyu Liu, Rafael Lucas D’Oliveira, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Olivier Rioul
In Proceedings of CHI'17, 12 pages, Denver, USA, May 6-11, 2017
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Effects of Frequency Distribution on Linear Menu Performance
Wanyu Liu, Gilles Bailly and Andrew Howes
In Proceedings of CHI'17, 6 pages, Denver, USA, May 6-11, 2017

A Bayesian Experimental Design Approach Maximizing Information Gain for Human-Computer Interaction
Wanyu Liu, Rafael Lucas D’Oliveira, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Olivier Rioul
In IEEE Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA 2017), San Diego, USA, Feburary 12-17, 2017

Book Chapter

Designing Intelligent Sleep Analysis Systems for Automated Contextual Exploration on Personal Sleep-Tracking Data
Zilu Liang, Wanyu Liu, Bernd Ploderer, James Bailey, Lars Kulik and Yuxuan Li
In New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. 13 pages, 2017


SleepExplorer: A Visualization Tool to Make Sense of Correlations between Personal Sleep Data and Contextual Factors
Zilu Liang, Bernd Ploderer, Wanyu Liu, Yukiko Nagata, James Bailey, Lars Kulik and Yuxuan Li
Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Springer, 16 pages, 2016


Making Sense of Personal Sleep-Tracking Data through Automated Correlation Analysis and Visualization of Sleep Data
and Contextual Information
Zilu Liang, Wanyu Liu, Bernd Ploderer, James Bailey, Lars Kulik and Yuxuan Li
In HAT-MASH 2015 (Healthy Aging Tech mashup service, data and people), 8 pages, Kanagawa, Japan, November 16-17, 2015


In Bed with Technology: Challenges and Opportunities for Sleep Tracking
Wanyu Liu, Bernd Ploderer, and Thuong Hoang
In Proceedings of OzCHI'15, 10 pages, Melbourne, Australia, December 7-10, 2015


  • [18 January 2018] I am looking for a highly motivated student to do an internship with me.
  • [24 November 2017] I visited ETH Zurich and Univerity of Zurich and gave a talk titled "Understanding and Designing Interaction from an Information-Theoretic Perspective".
  • [29 September 2017] I gave a talk at Interact'17 in Mumbai, India.
  • [13 July 2017] I received the first prize of Best Scientific Contribution (1er Prix Doctorants ED STIC) of Université Paris-Saclay, Paris, France.
  • [11 July 2017] I passed my mi-parcours (PhD mid-term evaluation) with Roderick Murray-Smith from University of Glasgow and Pierre Dragicevic from Inria.
  • [6 - 8 June 2017] I gave a talk at Dagstuhl Seminar: Computational Interactivity in Germany.
  • [6 - 11 May 2017] I gave two talks at CHI'17 in Denver, CO, USA, including a Best Paper Award paper.
  • [12 - 17 Feburary 2017] I presented a poster at IEEE ITA 2017 (Information Theory and Applications Workshop) in San Diego, CA, USA.
  • [13 - 18 June 2016] I participated in the Second Summer School of Computational Interaction in Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.