You can find my resume here.


Academic background

I am starting the third year of my PhD, which is a collaboration between the school Télécom Paris and the computer security firm IDEMIA. This type of PhD is called CIFRE, which is a french system that defines a partnership between a student, a school and a company to finance a thesis.

I got an engineering degree from ENSAE Paris and graduated from the M2 Data Sciences, a program co-hosted by Ecole Polytechnique, ENS Cachan, Télécom Paris and ENSAE Paris.

Key people

My academic supervisors are Stéphan Clémençon, Anne Sabourin from Télécom Paris, and Aurélien Bellet from Inria. At IDEMIA I am part of a team led by Vincent Despiegel (formerly under Anouar Mellakh, Julien Bohné) which is supervised by Stéphane Gentric.

Research focus

The aim of this thesis is to take inspiration from industrial considerations to produce interesting and meaningful research. IDEMIA being a biometrics company, it focuses on similarity learning, ranking and U-statistics. I work with deep neural networks for computer vision, as it is now the standard for face recognition.