Olivier Fercoq

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E403Photo Olivier Fercoq
46 rue Barrault
75634 Paris Cedex 13
Phone: +33 1 45 81 75 62
E-mail: olivier.fercoq@telecom-paristech.fr

I am a lecturer at Telecom ParisTech in the Laboratoire Traitement et Communication de l’Information (LTCI).

Research interests

  • First order optimization algorithms
  • Complexity estimates
  • Coordinate descent methods
  • Web ranking
  • Chemotherapy optimization
  • Machine learning problems


Telecom ParisTech
  • Linear Optimisation
  • Optimisation for machine learning
  • Numerical methods for ODEs
  • Fourier analysis
  • Signal processing
  • Statistics tutorials
M2 data science UPSA
  • Convex analysis
  • Coordinate descent

PhD students

Louis Faury supervised with Flavian Vasille, 2018-

Nidham Gazagnadou supervised with Robert Gower and Joseph Salmon, 2018-

Antoine Back supervised with Paul Chollet and Patricia Desgreys, 2018-

Eugène Ndiaye supervised with Joseph Salmon, 2016-2018

Workshop and conference

Paris-Saclay Junior conference on Data Science and Engineering on 13-14 September 2018

Workshop "Optimisation, distributed computation and machine learning" on 29th September 2016 at Télécom ParisTech

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