Henri Maître

  • Emeritus Professor at Telecom ParisTech, Institut Mines-Telecom
  • Image processing, pattern recognition
  • +33 1 45 81 76 55    -   henri.maitre @ telecom-paristech.fr


Brief CV:

Professional career (positions at Teleccom ParisTech (alias "ENST", "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications", "Sup Télécom", "Telecom Paris") since 1971) :


 February 2022 - new !!!    Esthétique de la photographie numérique     What aesthetics may well mean? How have aesthetical judgements evolved in 25 centuries? Why do we say that a photo is beautiful? How useful may Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence be in assessing beauty of images? Are aesthetical assessments similar for different cultural civilisations?
Ouvrage available from ISTE either in e-book or on paper.
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     -     Introduction


 Book available  from ISTE in French (9,90 € pdf, 62 € paper, a bargain !) - A second edition now available!

  or in English, from Wiley (English text)  - A second edition now available!


Recent Research:

Recent publications :

  • Interview with Claire Mathieu and Serge Abiteboul from Société Informatique de France (SIF) :
                     "From holography to digital images" and
                     "The meaning of Image"
    on the Binaire blog of LeMonde.fr

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