EFREI 2018 Class

EFREI M1:Distributed Algorithms


Petr Kuznetsov, Matthieu Rambaud, Remi Sharrock
INFRES, Telecom ParisTech

Slides and exercises


Slides and exercises

Date Class Exercises Solutions Supplementary
03.10.2018, 8h00-11h45 Introduction, theory and practice of distributed systems Quiz 1 Sol 1 Mini-mooc on safety/liveness Deadlock Empire game
10.10.2018, 8h00-11h45 Synchronization in concurrent data structures: linked list as an example Quiz 2 Sol 2 Mini-mooc 1 Mini-mooc 2
17.10.2016, 8h00-11h45 Basics of read-write shared memory Quiz 3 Sol 3
7.11.2018, 8h00-11h45 Project meeting 1: presentation and tutorial
Project description
Homework AKKA: java tutorial, java patterns
21.11.2018, 8h00-11h45 Atomic snapshots and shared memory in message-passing Quiz 4 Sol 4
28.11.2018, 8h00-11h45 Project meeting 2
01.12.2018, 9h00-12h45 Consensus and universal construction Quiz 5 Sol 5 Rachid Guerraoui's lectures at College de France
08.12.2018, 9h00-12h45 Project meeting 3
12.12.2016, 8h00-11h45 State-machine replication, BFT, Blockchains Quiz 6
14.12.2018, 8h00-11h45 Project defense
10.01.2019 Exam