1st Workshop

New Trends in Service & Networking architectures.

Paris, France

NOVEMBER 20-21, 2008


  Workshop Theme

Important Dates

New paradigms in service architectures, the ubiquity of the IT, rapid progress of networking technologies and unbound user creativity constantly change the communications landscape in the current Internet. The Internet has evolved from a test platform over a commodity to a world-wide communications infrastructure, critical for many citizens, enterprises and states. The requirements on and risks to this infrastructure reflect the changed societal, technological and usage profiles and open the question if the current Internet can keep on evolving to cope with future needs or if revolutionary steps will be soon necessary.

This workshop targets the whole EuroNF audience interested in sharing thoughts, problems, approaches and ideas around the Future Internet Architecture. More specifically, we are thrilled by the anticipation of the future challenges, projecting specific requirements on the Future Internet. Why would the Future Internet be very different from today's Internet? What are main drivers, promoters and opponents of different possible approaches including the evolution of the current Internet? How will future services look like? What is the expected usage? What are the resulting requirements on the world-wide infrastructure? Which proposals do we have to resolve these and how do they compare? Which are involved players, parties, enterprises and states and what are their interests and positions? Which is the resulting trust architecture for users? Whom will we trust in the Future Internet? What needs to be done to assure security and reliability of this infrastructure? Which are the threat and attack models specific for the Future Internet and unknown in the current Internet? Will we see threat evolution or inherently new threats and attack scenarios? How can we think of countering these? Finally, we are interested in soundly defined problem statements regarding the Future of the Internet and in new visions, including e.g. a timeline, new trends, new approaches, etc.

FI design and architecture

  1. Usage models of the FI

  2. Services of the FI

  3. Requirements on FI

  4. Requirements on FI architecture

  5. Approaches and concepts to FI design: proposals, evaluations, analysis

  6. Related paradigms, approaches and trends applicable to FI design

Trust architecture for FI

  1. Drivers and promoters for different new services and approaches

  2. Involved parties and their roles

  3. Trust relationships between parties

  4. Trust base and establishment

Security of FI

  1. Threat & attack models for FI

  2. Security approaches for future networking architectures

Problems and visions

  1. Novel approaches to FI

  2. New recognized problems, challenges and difficulties in FI

  3. New problem statements, problem definitions related to FI and FI deployment

  4. New visions for FI and FI-related issues

  5. Timeline for FI (consensus, definition, standardization, deployment)


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The 1st Euro-NF workshop on Future Internet Architecture and New Trends in Service and Networking Architectures is organised by Euro-NF members from TELECOM ParisTech (ENST) and will take place in the TELECOM ParisTech premises in Paris, France.

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