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Yves Grenier was born in Ham, Somme, France, in 1950. He received the Ingénieur degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris, in 1972, the Docteur-Ingénieur degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (now called Télécom ParisTech), Paris, in 1977, and the Doctorat d'Etat es Sciences Physiques, from University of Paris-Sud in 1984.

He has been with Télécom ParisTech since 1977, as Assistant Professor, and since 1984 as Professor. He has been Head of the Signal and Image Processing Department from 2005 to 2014. This department recently changed its name to Images, Data, Signal (IDS).

Since april 2018, Yves Grenier has been Emeritus Professor.

From 1974 to 1979, his interests have been in speech recognition, speaker identification and speaker adaptation of recognition systems. Between 1979 and 1988, he has been working on signal modeling, spectral analysis of noisy signals, with applications to speech recognition and synthesis, estimation of nonstationary models, time frequency representations. He created ARMALIB, a signal processing software library that has been incorporated in SIMPA, the signal processing software proposed by GDR-PRC CNRS ISIS

Since 1988, his research has been devoted to multichannel signal processing: beamforming, source localisation, source separation. He concentrated in particular on applications to audio and acoustics, and to microphone arrays. During this period, he has been involved in European ESPRIT projects (2101 ARS from 1989 to 1992, 6166 FREETEL from 1992 to 1994).

Since 1996, he has been interested in audio signal processing (acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, signal separation, microphone arrays, loudspeaker arrays) and in music information retrieval (multi-pitch estimation, chord recognition, audio fingerprinting). He participated to the European project K-Space, to the European NoE 3D-Life, the French-German Quaero project, and he is now participating to the French projects Romeo and Romeo2, among others.

He has been co-chairman of the "10th International workshop on acoustic echo and noise control" IWAENC 2006. He has been technical co-chair of the "2010 IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing" MMSP 2010.

He is a Life Senior Member of IEEE and was a member of AES. You may also consult his profile on LinkedIn

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