XXL / XlBuild: Guided Tour 6

Eric Lecolinet (elc@enst.fr)

XXL Guided Tour 6

Complete Motif Resource Editor

The XXL Builder provides a complete Resource Editor that can show and modify interactively almost all the resources of Motif widgets.

Implicit Type Conversion and Expressions

Widget resources have internal representations which are all different (for instance a "size" will be represented by an integer, a "color" will be a numerical index in a color map, a "string" may even be encoded by means of a special purpose representation in order to take into account various kinds of languages). XXL provides an implicit conversion mechanism that is able to transform most resource values into standard ASCII strings and vice-versa. This single feature can considerably simplify interaction between widgets as it avoids having to write many callback functions (whose only role would be to convert resource values into different types).

Moreover, complex expressions can be computed by evaluation and concatenation of (converted) widget resource values, the data returned from the evaluation of Unix commans, etc.

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