XXL / XlBuild: Guided Tour 5

Eric Lecolinet (elc@enst.fr)

XXL Guided Tour 5

XXL Widgets and Abstract Objects

XXL follows an object-oriented architecture. XXL components are not limited to widgets (the graphical objects) but also include objects for specifying widget presentation and behavior, widget layout and control statements (such as conditions and repetitions).

New XXL subclasses can be derived from these predefined classes in order to integrate into the XXL systems widgets other than those primarily provided by the Motif toolkit.

Lastly, XXL Interfaces can be decomposed into a hierarchy of Sub-Interfaces. Interfaces (or Sub-Interfaces) can be encapsulated into "pseudo-classes". and be considered as if they were a single object. This mechanism helps to structure the whole interface into homogeneous and reusable subparts.


Besides call-back functions, XXL provides several ways to specify various behaviors:

(to be completed)

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