XXL / XlBuild: Guided Tour 2

Eric Lecolinet (elc@enst.fr)

XXL Guided Tour 2

Three-View Edition

The XXL Visual Builder is based on a 3-view paradigm:

All three views are linked together and are updated in an incremental way (any change in any view is immediately reflected in the other views).

The Graph View is fully editable and is handled in a direct manipulation style.

The Text View can be modified interactively by editing the source code. These modifications are locally performed "on the spot" (the source code is not entirely re-interpreted but just the subpart that has been changed).

Program Liveliness: No Building and Testing Phases

There are no "building" and "testing" phases: the GUIs displayed in the Widget View are always active and the user can interact with them in the usual way. When editing C or C++ programs, the three views are modified dynamically while the program is running. Re-compilation is just needed at the end of the edition process.

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