XXL / XlBuild: Guided Tour 1
Eric Lecolinet

XXL Guided Tour 1

Textual and Visual Equivalence

XXL is based on the concept of textual and visual equivalence. XXL interfaces can either be edited textually, visually or both in an equivalent way: The source code of a C/C++ program can be modified in an increment way when using the XXL Builder even if this code was not originally produced by the Builder. The system will always be able to retrieve the XXL interface descriptions in the source code even if they are mixed with other C/C++ constructs and/or if they are located in several files.

Textual and visual programming can be alterned at any stage of the development process. XXL GUIs can be specified textually, then modified visually, then modified textually again and so on in any order. This capability apply for C, C++ and XXL Script files, thus allowing a truly iterative development scheme.

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