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Teaching / INF570


I was responsible of this course in the 2012-2017 timeframe. The course is now over, below you can still find the complete website. Note: due to Jekyll migration, some links are possibly broken.



note: lecture slides in pptx format are only available to INF570 students



Projects success stories

Following are some examples of past INF570 projects submitted and accepted at IEEE P2P or other workshops with similar acceptance rates.

Projects proceedings


The proceedings used to be well-structured as the above success stories. However, given that the course finally closed, and due the migration from PmWiki to Jekyll, I judged a waste of time to (manually) convert the markdown. The complete proceedings (project report, slides, evaluation) are still available in this folder , though.


Note: in 2012 all readings were mandatory, while since 2013 all readings are optional (if you intend to read any of the paper below, then start by reading S. Keshav, How to read a paper ACM CCR, 2007)

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