Starting November 2018, I am on extended academic leave. This website, as well as contact information, etc. are no longer up-to-date. Please check for more information

Publicly available datasets

IP-ID census

Maps of IP-ID behaviors that are prevalent in the Internet. Censuses at IP/24 level, along with training set with manual ground truth.

Synoptic of IP-ID host behaviors

Anycast geolocation

Maps of anycast IPv4 enumeration and geolocalization. Monthly censuses at IP/24 level, lists, Google maps and more!

Slideshow of anycast resources available on the website


Over 9,000 user MOS points for modern Web browsing in the era of HTTP/2. Automated crawling of Alexa top-100 for the validation of advanced QoE metrics (ObjectIndex, ByteIndex and Above-The-Fold).

Grab our award-winning datasets and watch our cool video! soon a meme on YouTube ;)

LEDBAT + BitTorrent

Over 20GB of controlled experiments with different congestion control algorithms, showing an interplay of data plane throughput vs control plane dela in the performance of distributed applications.

Download time distribution for difference congestion control protocols.... Moral: be slow to be faster!


Methodology to infer queuing delay from simple non-intrusive measurement, along with Internet-wide measurement campaign for BitTorrent hosts and other targets

Grab the data and learn how to remotely spying queuing delays