Starting November 2018, I am on extended academic leave. This website, as well as contact information, etc. are no longer up-to-date. Please check for more information

Open source code


Definition and implementation (as a Chrome plugin) of approximate Above-the-Fold (ATF) and SpeedIndex-based metrics for Web performance evaluation.

Mind the Fold! Available on GitHub or as packaged as a Chrome plugin


Our award-winning code for IPv4 anycast detection, enumeration and geolocalization.

Get the code, and run it from RIPE Atlas and PlanetLab!


An extremely scalable chunk-level simulator of Information and Content Centric Networks (ICN/CCN) written in C++ under the Omnet++ framework.

Docker-ready, with all scripts to reproduce our work!


ns2 and kernel module implementation of LEDBAT and other Low Priority Congestion Control (LPCC) schemes


Raising, demonstrating and fixing a negative interplay that arises whenever LEDBAT (or any other Low Priority Congestion Control scheme) interact with any Active Queuing Management (AQM) technique

Fixing the negative interplay between LPCC and AQM


Wireless On Wheels simulator

V2V simulation with realistic mobility models. (As the picture implies, the webpage is maintained for historical reasons)