Ada Diaconescu

Associate Professor, tenured (maitre de conferences)
Autonomous Critical Embedded Systems(ACES) team,
Computer Science and Networks department ( Informatique et Reseau - INFRES),
Telecom Paris, LTCI, Institute Politechnique de Paris (IP Paris)
Paris / Palaiseau, France

Research Interests
multi-scale feedback systems,
self-adaptive and self-organising systems,
software engineering of complex adaptive systems,
distributed applications and middleware,
autonomic computing, organic computing, self-aware computing
component and service-oriented applications; multi-agent systems
smart homes, smart grids, data-mediation systems, hierarchical cellular automata

distributed systems and middleware (RMI, JMS, CORBA, Java EE, .NET,...),
component ans service-oriented technologies (CCM, OSGi, iPOJO, ..),
OO programming (Java)
autonomic computing (smart homes)
agent-based modelling
social impacts of (AI) technologies

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phone: 33.(0)
email: ada.diaconescu at
address: equipe ACES, departement INFRES,
19 place Marguerite Perey, F-91120 Palaiseau - France