- Vulcan

Vulcan (in Greek Hephaestus) is the god of fire and metalworking. Son of Juno and Zeus, or according to other mythologists of Juno herself, Vulcan was abandoned by his mother. Ashamed to have given birth to such an ugly child, Juno brutally hurled the baby into the sea. Because of the shock, he severely broke his two legs and subsequently walked with a limp. Fortunately, Thetis and Eurynome gave him shelter. Since then, he remained in a remote cave. He occupied all his time to make all kinds of jewels and objects. Still feeling resentful against his mother, he made a golden chair, which contained a spring. Fascinated by the chair, Juno took a seat straightaway. All of a sudden, because of the spring, she was propelled into the universe, incapable to get away from it. Juno would have stayed a long time there without the intervention of Bacchus who made Vulcan drunk so as to deliver her. Despite this unfortunate anecdote Vulcan was established by the Olympian gods and offered him the opportunity to get married with the most beautiful goddess, Venus, goddess of love.

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