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Cartograhie des communautés du web

Christophe Prieur,
Liafa, Univ. Paris-Diderot

Atelier Dépot Légal du Web


7 février 2014

mapping the blogosphere

by Linkfluence

three-levels aggregates

  • société
  • loisirs
  • individualité

18 Territories

A mixed research framework

  • in collaboration with CSA poll agency
  • a sample of 1000 representative internet users
  • 10 000 respondents after 1 month
  • large-scale personal network analysis
  • ethnographic interviews

Facebook ties

talking religion or politics?

A Facebook app

What personal networks may show

Granjon et al, 2006
ethnographic study on lower-class households

social capital...

... and its transmission


  • With Antoine Mazières, Mathieu Trachman, Jean-Philippe Cointet, Baptiste Coulmont