Corentin Mercier

PhD Student
LTCI, Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris
LIX, École Polytechnique, Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Télécom Paris
19 Place Marguerite Perey
91120 Palaiseau
Office 5B15

École Polytechnique
Route de Saclay
91128 Palaiseau

About Me

I am currently a PHD student at Télécom Paris, a French Engineering School.
The topic of my PHD is "Geometrical modeling, statistical analysis and visualization of white matter tractograms".
I am making a new parsimonious and multiresolution geometric representation for real-time visualization of tractograms and comparisons of different tractograms.

Image of a tractogram obtained from the data of the Human Connectome Project and visualized with TrackVis


QFib: Fast and Efficient Brain Tractogram Compression

C. Mercier, S. Rousseau, P. Gori, I. Bloch, T. Boubekeur
To appear in NeuroInformatics, 2020

QFib: Fast and Accurate Compression of White Matter Tractograms

C. Mercier, S. Rousseau, P. Gori, I. Bloch, T. Boubekeur
OHBM, 2019

White Matter Multi-resolution Segmentation using Fuzzy Theory

C. Mercier, A. Delmonte, J.Pallud, I. Bloch, P. Gori
ISBI 2019

Progressive and Efficient Multi-Resolution Representations for Brain Tractograms

C. Mercier, P. Gori, D. Rohmer, M-P. Cani, T. Boubekeur, J-M. Thiery and I. Bloch
EG VCBM, Eurographics Workshop, 2018

Segmentation of White Matter Tractograms Using Fuzzy Spatial Relations

A. Delmonte, I. Bloch, D. Hasboun, C. Mercier, J. Pallud, P. Gori
OHBM, 2018


Years School

Institut d'Optique Graduate School

Engineering school specialized in optics

Université de Bordeaux

Master of computer science (double degree)

Lycée Condorcet

Preparatory School with intensive courses of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Lycée Jacques Monod



October 2017- now

PhD Student at Télécom Paris, Paris, France

Geometrical modeling, statistical analysis and visualization of white matter tractograms
October 2014- September 2017

Apprentice engineer at CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), Nantes, France

  • Work on the improvment of a BRDF measuring machine
  • Participation in the conception and incertainty determination on a submerged gonio-photometer
  • Conception and realisation of an illumination system for the study of blue LEDs effects on the eyes of rats
  • Teaching

    I help professors of Télécom Paris for the practical exercises in different fields :
  • Image processing
  • C++
  • Graphical User Interface using Qt
  • OpenGL
  • Image synthesis
  • Supervisors:

  • Isabelle Bloch
  • Pietro Gori
  • Jean-Marc Thiery
  • Tamy Boubekeur
  • Damien Rohmer
  • Marie-Paule Cani
  • Collaborators:

  • Sylvain Rousseau
  • Alessandro Delmonte