IGR 202 - Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Course

IGR Engineering Master Track - Engineering Master Track - Telecom ParisTech

Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Course



This course presents the theoretical and practical concepts of 3D computer graphics and its applications in virtual reality. This is a discovery of computational and data models that are instrumental for the representation of objects and virtual scenes in 3D, such as shape, lighting, reflectance, textures and sensor models. This course also details how to exploit these models of rendering algorithms, such as the visibility determination, the calculation of direct and indirect lighting, or the treatment of the digital surface. In particular, this course gives an introduction to the following topics:

The C++ language, object-oriented programming and GPU programming with the OpenGL API are prescribed and used during the practical sessions. Finally, an opening on research and industrial applications is provided by external speakers.

At the end of the course, the students acquired the theoretical bases of shape modeling, image synthesis and virtual reality systems. They also acquired the ability to develop interactive 3D applications exploiting these notions. They can pursue deeper on these topics by registering to a M2 course (IGR track, IMA M.Sc. or MVA M.Sc.), doing long project (PRIM) or an internship.


Preliminbary reading: an introduction to computer graphics.


  1. Presentation
  2. Image Synthesis
  3. Introduction to Virtual Reality
  4. Shape Modeling

Practical Assignments

A large part of the sessions of this course is dedicated to the implementation of the notions studied in class through the development of an interactive 3D graphics application. This program is progressively enriched with various operators and evaluated in several steps: its source code must must be submitted by each student on the dedicated moodle. The average rating assigned to these submission forms the score for the practical submodule (IGR202b).

Resources to download for practical assignements:


In addition to the practical score (IGR202b, see section practical assignments ), the final evaluation (IGR202a) takes the form of a written examination. The answers are to be given directly on the subject sheet. This exam includes course questions and exercises, covering both image synthesis and geometric modeling. To prepare for this exam, one may refer to the course syllabus slides, the notes taken during the course and the practical assignments.