Constructive Texturing


CoTeX is a volume texture plugin for PointShop 3D and allows to build a CSG tree which is not designed for representing the geometry but the color of an object : the Constructive Texturing Tree.
Original Model Construction Texturing Tree Partions Resulting Volumetric Texture


User Manual (in french) : postscript,pdf.

SRF Format

As a simple and easy to write format, we use SRF point clouds. SRF is an ASCII format, with chunks of 9 floats (x y z nx ny nz r g b). SRF might have a global surfel radius information at the begining of the file: (e.g. #1.2 at the first).


I am currently re-implementing this plugin with new and more robust features for PointShop 3D 2.0 (the release below is for PointShop 3D 1.2 only).


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Contact : Tamy Boubekeur
Cotex has been developed by Tamy Boubekeur, Elisabeth Brunet, Blanca Borro-Escribano and Clement Bichel.