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Permanent faculty members - Photos here

Isabelle Bloch -Professor-url
Tamy Boubekeur -Professor-url
Hans Brettel -CR1 CNRS, HdR- (emeritus scientist) url -
Jean-Pierre Crettez -Adjunct faculty (emeritus scientist)-
Pietro Gori -Associate Professor-url
Yann Gousseau -Professor-url
Saïd Ladjal -Associate Professor-url
Henri Maître -Emeritus Professor - url
Alasdair Newson -Associate Professor- url
Jean-Marie Nicolas -Professor- url
Michel Roux -Associate Professor- url
Yohann Tendero -Associate Professor-url
Jean-Marc Thiery -Associate Professor-url
Florence Tupin -Professor- url
Recent Habilitations:
Tamy Boubekeur Géométrie visuelle pour l'informatique graphique - Université Paris XI, 2012

Associate members

  • Catherine Adamsbaum - University Paris-Sud, Radiopediatry Kremlim-Bicêtre
  • Andrés Almansa - CNRS, MAP5
  • Pooran Memari - CNRS, LIX
  • Hong Sun - University of Wuhan, China

On leave

  • Elsa Angelini - Associate professor, HDR - Londres
  • Marine Campedel - Associate professor - Toulouse

PhD candidates

  • Hadrien Bertrand (since November 2015, avec Philips) Deep Transfer Learning for Multi-Modality and Multi-Task Anatomical Awareness Dir. I. Bloch, M. Perrot, R. Ardon
  • Marcela Carvalho (since October 2016, with ONERA and Univ. Paris Descartes) Deep learning of depth from defocus Dir. A. Almansa
  • Vincent Couteaux (since April 2018, with Philips) Radiomic feature extraction for the identification of responding patients in liver and lung oncology Dir. I. Bloch, O. Nempont, G. Pizaine
  • Rodrigo Daudt (since October 2017, with Onera) Dir. Y. Gousseau, B. Le Saux
  • Gordana Draskovic (since October 2016, with LSS) Statistics of robust estimators for image processing Dir. F. Tupin
  • Nicolas Gonthier (since October 2017, with Univ. Bourgogne) Dir. Y. Gousseau, S. Ladjal, O. Bonfait
  • Antoine Houdard (since October 2015, with univ. Paris Descartes) Geometry and Statistics of Self-Similarity in Natural Images; Applications to Inverse Problems in Imaging Dir. A. Almansa, J. Delon
  • Adrien Kaiser (since October 2015, with Ayotle) Real time scene analysis for 3D interaction Dir. T. Boubekeur
  • Gilles Laurent (since October 2014, with Dassault Systèmes) Real time global lighting for computer assisted conception Dir. T. Boubekeur
  • Ivan Laurin (since October 2017, with LAMSADE) Interpretation of dynamic visual scenes Dir. I. Bloch, J. Atif
  • Thuc Trinh Le (since October 2015) Video inpainting by non-local methods Dir. A. Almansa, Y. Gousseau, S. Masnou (U. Lyon 1)
  • Thibault Lescoat (since October 2016) Shape++: application-driven digital shape models for computer graphics Dir. T. Boubekeur
  • Chenguang Liu (since October 2016) Multi-modela texture analysis for remote sensing imagery Dir. Y. Gousseau, F. Tupin
  • Victor Lucquin (since October 2016) Surface parametrization Dir. T. Boubekeur, M. Ovsjanikov, P. Memari
  • William Meiniel (since October 2014, with Institut Pasteur) Compressed acquisitions for microscopy Dir. E. Angelini, J.C. Olivo-Marin
  • Corentin Mercier (since October 2017, with LIX) Geomtric modeling, statistical analysis and visualization of brain white matter fiber tracts Dir. I. Bloch, P. Gori, J.M. Thiery, D. Rohmer
  • Cécile Muller (since November 2016, with Necker Hospital) Towards semi-automatic segmentation of 3D MRI of children pelvis for improving the surgical planning of tumors Dir. I. Bloch, S. Sarnaki
  • Clément Rambour (since October 2015, with ONERA and LHC) Tomographic and structural approaches for urban analysis in SAR THR tomography Dir. F. Tupin, H. Oriot, L. Denis
  • Aymeric Reshef (since October 2014, with General Electric) Restoration of interventional medical images Dir. S. Ladjal, I. Bloch, C. Riddell
  • Sylvain Rousseau (since October 2016) Cloud Computing for High Performance Image Synthesis Dir. T. Boubekeur
  • Ruben Sanchez de la Rosa (since June 2016, with General Electric) Reconstruction, improvement and analysis of angiotomosynthesis images Dir. I. Bloch, S. Muller
  • Jérémie Schertzer (depuis octobre 2017) Dir. T. Boubekeur
  • Davis Schwartz (since October 2015, with CEA) Dir. J.-M. Nicolas
  • Iyèd Trimèche (since October 2017, with ISEP and XV-XX hospital) Analysis of retina vessels and longitudinal follow-up in adaptive optics image sequences Dir. F. Rossant, I. Bloch, M. Paques
  • Alessio Virzi (Since November 2015, with CHU Necker) Segmentation and visualization in pediatric MRI Dir. I. Bloch, S. Sarnacki
  • Zhao Weiying (since December 2015) Models of complex images for SAR imaging Dir. F. Tupin, H. Maître
  • Xiaoyi Yang (since January 2016) Image improvement using computational photography Dir. Y. Gousseau, H. Maître, Y. Tendero
  • Xiangli Yang (since December 2017) New analysis methods for temporal series of radar images Dir. F. Tupin

Post-Docs and Sabbatical Visitors

  • Rémy Abergel
  • Malik Boughida
  • Mingyuan Jiu
  • Giovanni Sileno
  • Abigael Taylor
  • Ramon Pino-Perez (nov.2014, nov.2017, apr-juil.2018)

Staff engineers

  • Hélène Legrand
  • Christophe Lino