Seminars of the team

  • General team seminar:
    • October 19, 2pm: Jesus Angulo (Centre de Morphologie Mathématique des Mines ParisTech) - semi-groupes morphologiques sur des espaces métriques et ultramétriques ; Samy Blusseau - analyse morphologique d'images de tenseurs.
    • November 23, 2pm: Damien Rohmer (LIX) - Efficient Developable Surface Modeling: From Garment Design to Paper Animation ; Alasdair Newson - How do Autoencoders Encode Geometric Shapes?
    • January 25, 2pm: Stanley Durrleman (ARAMIS) - Building Digital Models of Alzheimer’s Disease Progression
    • March 23, 2pm: Alasdair Newson - Film Grain Synthesis and Autoencoding Geometric Shapes
    • March 27, 10am: Maria Vakalopoulou (Center for Visual Computing laboratory, CentraleSupélec) - Advanced Computer Vision and Machine Learning Techniques for Remote Sensing and Medical Applications
    • April 3, 10am: Betrand Le Saux (ONERA) - Deep Learning for Scene Understanding, from 2D to 3D
    • April 6, 1pm: Adeline Paiement (Swansea University, UK) - Designing computer vision and deep learning methods for scientific image analysis
    • April 12, 10am: Stavros Tsogkas (Computer science department of the University of Toronto) - Learning mid-level representations for computer vision
    • June 1, 11am: Wing-Kin (Ken) Ma (Chinese University of Hong Kong) - Hyperspectral Unmixing in Remote Sensing: Learn the Wisdom There and Go Beyond (Machine Learning Included)
    • May 31, 3pm: Ramon Pino Pérez (Univ. Los Andes, Meria, Venezuela) - Fusion de croyances et impossibilité
    • June 13, 10:30am: Giovanni Sileno - On the problems of interface: conceptual spaces, pertinence, explainability
  • Séminaire Parisien des Mathématiques Appliquées à l'Imagerie.
  • Computer graphics
  • Medical imaging, digital health and spatial reasoning:
    • September 14, 3pm: Hadrien Bertrand - Deep learning and transfer learning in medical imaging.
    • November 6, 3pm: Raphael Berdugo - Covariation and Non Covariation methods applied to Shape Analysis and Medical Imaging
    • November 13, 10pm: Timothée Evain - Nouvelles méthodes de segmentation en imagerie tomographique volumique à faisceau conique dentaire
    • January 15, 9:30am: Alessandro Delmonte, Corentin Mercier - Summary of CoBCoM Winter School Workshop. Alessio Virzi, Cécile Muller - Summary of Surgetica 2017
    • January 24, 9am: Hélène Urien - Détection et segmentation de lésions dans des images cérébrales TEP-IRM
    • Mars 13, 2pm: Cécile Muller - Development of pelvic neurotractography for image guided surgery in children with tumors and malformations
    • March 29, 9:30am: Ruben Sanchez de la Rosa - Reconstruction, improvement and analysis of angiotomosynthesis images to optimize their clinical performances
  • Radar imaging
  • PhD seminar:
    1. presentation of the thesis subject at the beginning
    2. at the end of the first year
    3. mid-term evaluation
  • General team meeting: about once a weak
  • Specific working groups (ex: compressed sensing in 2009, patch-based methods in 2014, SMATI and DIFF-L in 2015-2016...)
  • Older seminars