GRETA: Embodied Conversational Agent

Greta is a real-time three dimensional embodied conversational agent with a 3D model of a woman compliant with MPEG-4 animation standard. She is able to communicate using a rich palette of verbal and nonverbal behaviours. Greta can talk and simultaneously show facial expressions, gestures, gaze, and head movements.

Two standard XML languages FML and BML allows the user to define her communicative intentions and behaviours.

Greta can be used with different external TTS softwares. Currently she can speak various languages: English, Italian, French, German, Swedish and Polish.

Greta is used in various European projects: CALLAS, SEMAINE, HUMAINE, and national French projects: ISCC Apogeste, ANR MyBlog3D, ANR IMMEMO .

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  • Here, you will find Greta's online documentation

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  • Who works on Greta: 
    Catherine Pelachaud
    Quoc Anh Le
    Jing Huang
    Radoslaw Niewiadomski
    Andre-Marie Pez
    Pierre Philippe

  • Past Collaborators: 
    Elisabetta Bevacqua
    Bjorn Hartmann
    Maurizio Mancini
    Etienne de Sevin

  • Papers on the GRETA Architecture:

    M. Mancini, C. Pelachaud :
    Dynamic behavior qualifiers for conversational agents.
    Intelligent Virtual Agents, IVA'07, Paris, September 2007.

    E. Bevacqua, M. Mancini, R. Niewiadomski, C. Pelachaud:
    An expressive ECA showing complex emotions.
    AISB'07 Annual convention, workshop ``Language, Speech and Gesture for Expressive Characters'', Newcastle UK, pp. 208-216, April 2007 (pdf)

    E. Bevacqua, M. Mancini, C. Pelachaud:
    Speaking with Emotions
    AISB 2004 Convention: Motion, Emotion and Cognition, University of Leeds, UK, 2004 (pdf)

    B. Hartmann, M. Mancini, C. Pelachaud:
    Formational Parameters and Adaptive Prototype Instantiation for MPEG-4 Compliant Gesture Synthesis.
    Proceedings of Computer Animation 2002, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2002 (pdf)

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