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Social Activity Schedule

Dear participants,

Autumn is the best season of Beijing, and October is the best month in Beijing's autumn. The lowest temperature during night is about 8 Celsius degree, and the highest temperature in the daytime is about 20 Celsius degree. The whole city is covered by flowers and trees. The national day of China is Oct.1. So it is often called "Golden October".

In such a beautiful season, we, the organizer of FORTE/PSTV'99, will welcome our worshipful guests in Beijing.

We have arranged the several social activities for our participants.

Social Activity Schedule

Time: Oct.5 (18:00 -- 20:00)
Subject: Reception
Place: Friendship Hotel
Time: Oct.6 (17:00 -- 18:00)
Subject-1: Programm Committee Meeting
Place: Friendship Hotel
Subject-2: Banquet for Programm Committee
Place: Beijing FangShan Restaurant
(It is Chinese traditional regius dish.)
Time: Oct.7 (18:00 -- 20:00)
Subject: Banquet
Place: QuanJvDe Beijing Duck Restaurant
(Beijing Duck is the famous characteristic dish of Beijing.)
Time: Oct.9 (Full Day)
Subject: One-day Free Tour
Line-1: The Great Wall, Ming Tomb
Line-2: The Forbidden City, The Shy Temple Park, The Summer Palace.
Notes:  Line-1 and Line-2 are alternative. Line-1 is recommended  by us. The Great Wall and Ming Tomb is in the suburb of Beijing, so its location is very far from Friendship Hotel.
 On the contrary, the Forbidden City, the Shy Temple Park and   the Summer Palace is around the Friendship Hotel. It is very convenient to reach there.

If possible, Please tell us your choice of Free Tour via email. It is very helpful for us to engage the vehicle and other things.
Connect email: yxia@csnet1.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sept. 22, 1999