La page du groupe de travail "Butte aux Cailles" est ici.

Recherche :

About a combinatorial conjecture and its application to the construction of Boolean functions

Different results about the Tu-Deng conjecture are available here.

The proof of the sligthly different Tang-Carlet-Tang conjecture is available here.

About bent functions, exponential sums and algebraic curves

Some resuls about Kloosterman sums and elliptic curves are available here.

Some results about generalizations to hyperbent functions and hyperelliptic curves is available here.

About complex multiplication of abelian varieties and construction of class polynomials

Very rough and scarce notes of some thoughts about non-principal CM abelian varieties are available here.

Enseignement :

Tout ce qui concerne le cours MDI349 (notes sommaires et énoncé du TP en Sage) est disponible ici.

Sage :

Information about what was done at the ECC2011 summer school is available here.

Les transparents du GUP Sage du 14 février 2013 sont disponibles ici.

Thèse :

La version courante de mon manuscrit de thèse est disponible ici.

Divers :

Un CV en français.

Une photo.

Here is my PGP public key.