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  • For this year projects

Projects success stories

  • Projects success (and failure) stories: following are some examples of past projects submitted or accepted at IEEE P2P or other workshops with similar acceptance rates. Full bibliographic references available here
    • Design and analysis of an improved BitMessage proof-of-work mechanism (accepted at 15th IEEE P2P conference: paper and reviews) extends project [14D]. Presented by Alexander Schaub (X2012) at the conference.
    • Zen and the art of network troubleshooting (accepted at 7th International Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: paper, talk and reviews) extends project [13D] Presented by François Espinet (X2011) at the conference.
    • The 2A internship of François Espinet (X2011) at LINCS has been awarded Honourable Distinction with Unanimous Congratulations from the Jury, defense and report, extends project [13D]
    • Peeking Through the BitTorrent Seedbox Hosting Ecosystem (accepted at 6th International Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis: defense, paper, reviews) extends project [12C]
    • Protection against Sybil attacks using proof of work and randomized identifiers (short paper submitted to P2P'XIII: defense, paper, reviews) extends project [12D]
    • I tube, YouTube, P2PTube: assessing ISP benefits of peer-assisted caching of YouTube content (extended abstract, accepted at P2P'XIII: defense, paper, reviews, poster) extends project[12B]

Projects proceedings

  • 2015 Projects
    • [15A] Antonin Angibault and François Bonnal, Surveillance towers defense, report, feedback
    • [15B] Van Quy Hoang The Quest for Anycast BitTorrent Seeds defense, report, feedback
    • [15C] Gregoire Gallois-Montbrun and Victor Nguyen, Definining a minimum vantage point selection to detect BGP Hijack with iGreedy defense, report, feedback, best project award
    • [15D] Dmytro Shytyi and Quang Huy Tran BGP Hijack Detection via Changepoint detection defense, report, feedback
  • 2014 Projects
  • 2013 Projects
    • [13A] Jacques Samain and Guillaume Ruty. Free-riders issue in Open Garden defense, report, feedback
    • [13B] Hakim Khalafi. Finding profitable trading strategies in the bitcoin currency economy with time series spike detection defense, report, feedback
    • [13C] Marcel Enguehard and Yoann Desmouceaux. Scalability of the BitMessage protocol defense, report, feedback best project award
    • [13D] François Espinet. DYSWIS : Network troubleshooting with peers defense, report, feedback
    • [13E] Théo Combe. Simulateur de BitTorrent Live defense, report, feedback
    • [13F] Jean-Loup Dubin and Cheick Sissoko. Blackbox Approach of BitTorrent Live defense, report, feedback
  • 2012 Projects
    • [12A] Maico Le Pape, Jean Baptiste Lespieu, Peer to peer Video Conferencing defense, demo instructions
    • [12B] Yann Nicolas, Daniel Wolff, P2P-Tube: amélioration de YouTube par P2P defense
    • [12C] Pujol Guilhem, Xiao Wang I know what you are Sharing -- Exploiting BitTorrent Communications to Invade User Privacy defense code
    • [12D] Corentin Wallez, Pierre-Alain Dupont, Protection against Sybil attacks using proof of work and randomized identifiers defense best project award
    • [12E] Hugues de Saxce, Nicolas Servel How to remotely spy your neighbour queuing delays defense
    • [12F] Jeremy Buet, Nicolas Iooss, Survey and implementation of NatPunching techniques
    • [12G] Guillaume Ambard, Lauriane Aufrant Performance analysis of Gnutella-like P2P systems
    • [12E] Cedric Dessez, Guillaume Mulocher Analysis of BitTorrent resilience to pollution attacks


Note: in 2012 all readings were mandatory, while since 2013 all readings are optional. However, if you intend to read any of the paper below, then start by reading S. Keshav,How to read a paper ACM CCR, 2007

  • Introduction
  1. Internet Society, The Internet Ecosystem ., October 2010.
  2. Barry M. Leiner, Vinton G. Cerf, David D. Clark, Robert E. Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock, Daniel C. Lynch, Jon Postel, Larry G. Roberts, Stephen Wolff, Brief history of the Internet .
  • Skype
  1. Bonfiglio, D., Mellia, M., Meo, M., Ritacca, N. and Rossi, D., Tracking down Skype traffic . In IEEE INFOCOM, April 2008.
  2. Baset, S. A. and Schulzrinne, H. G., An Analysis of the Skype Peer-to-Peer Internet Telephony Protocol . In IEEE INFOCOM, April 2006.
  • P2P-TV
  1. Zhang, X. and Hassanein, H., A Survey of Peer-to-Peer Live Video Streaming Schemes: An Algorithmic Perspective . Computer Networks, 2012.
  2. Magharei, N., Rejaie, R. and Guo, Y., Mesh or multiple-tree: A comparative study of live p2p streaming approaches [local copy]. In 26th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications. (INFOCOM'07), pages 1424-1432, 2007.
  • BitTorrent
  1. Arnaud Legout, Nikitas Liogkas, Eddie Kohler and Lixia Zhang, Clustering and Sharing Incentives in BitTorrent Systems . In Proc. of ACM SIGMETRICS'07, San Diego, CA, USA, June 2007.
  2. Bharambe, A.R., Herley, C. and Padmanabhan, V.N., Analyzing and improving a bittorrent networks performance mechanisms . In IEEE INFOCOM'06, pages 1-12. IEEE, 2006.
  1. [P2P-11] C. Testa and D. Rossi, The impact of uTP on BitTorrent completion time . In IEEE Peer to Peer (P2P'11), Kyoto, Japan, September 2011.
  2. [GLOBECOM-10a] G. Carofiglio, L. Muscariello, D. Rossi and S. Valenti, The quest for LEDBAT fairness . In IEEE Globecom'10, Miami, FL, USA, December 6-10 2010.
  • DHTs
  1. Lua, E.K., Crowcroft, J., Pias, M., Sharma, R. and Lim, S., A survey and comparison of peer-to-peer overlay network schemes . IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 7(2):72-93, 2005.
  2. Stoica, I., Morris, R., Karger, D., Kaashoek, M.F. and Balakrishnan, H., Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup service for internet applications . ACM SIGCOMM, 31(4):149-160, 2001.
  • Topology management and Network awareness
  1. Luca Abeni, Robert Birke, Csaba Kiraly, Emilio Leonardi, Renato Lo Cigno, Marco Mellia, Stefano Traverso, Experimental comparison of neighborhood filtering strategies in unstructured P2P-TV systems . In IEEE P2P'XI, 2012.
  2. Matheus Lehmann, Lucas Müller, Rodolfo S. Antunes, Marinho P. Barcellos , Disconnecting to Connect: understanding Optimistic Disconnection in BitTorrent . In IEEE P2P'XI, 2012.

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