I receive too many sollecitations for intership, MSc stage, PhD mentorship and PostDocs applications with respect to open positions. Sorry in advance, but I am not able to answer to all of you! To increase the chance to get a reply, please state something that may catch my attention, such as hitting the topics I am currently working on (e.g., by browsing my website and only just this page)

Prospective students

This page contains useful information for prospective visitors (MSc or Erasmus students, PhD students, PostDoc and visitors). It also lists some examples of topic (not necessarily up to date). Once you'll get there, useful information can be found on the server (only accessible from the intranet).


Here's a list of stages I have proposed at Ecole Polytechnique for 2013/2014, and that can be of interest for all MSc student populations (e.g., Telecom ParisTech, Erasmus, etc.). Some more focused activities on those topic could be carrid on as a student projects (i.e., RES380 at Telecom ParisTech).

General information

Some information are valid across multiple categories of visitors, so these are organized by the type of requiring your attention (work in progress)

  • Keep all in CC:
  • Who's who
    • Paskalis Kore: Human resource department
    • Celine Laouenaen, Celine Bizart, Aurelie Narbonne: INFRES assistant
    • Maura Covaci: LINCS assistant
  • Required documents/information
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Research subject
    • Passport (all pages; ID card within EU)
    • Proof of fundings (only for Visiting PhD students; and holders of Erasmus)
    • Picture (PDF or JPG)
    • Exact dates of arrivals and departure (contracts must be signed within 48hrs)
  • Additional documents
    • see the specific section

PhD students

  • I tend to use a ``try before buy'' approach as much as possible, so that I recruit my PhDs from the pool of MSc students (See section below)
  • Additional documents
    • none

Visiting PhD students

  • Additional documents
    • Proof of fundings

MSc (or Erasmus) students

  • Additional contacts
    • Erasmus students will have to go through our international office
    • They will also need to go through our department and group contacts
  • Additional documents
    • Student certificate of the University you're affiliated with


  • Housing in Paris is not very easy to find, and typically not very cheap either: to increase your chances, plan ahead and try multiple resources in parallel:
    • Maisel: internal housing, automatically requested upon application (priority is given by FIFO weighted by category, with highest priority given to students, then MSc students, then PhD students; not for visiting faculty)
    • Cite Universitaire (they tend to apply FIFO policy; separate tracks for students and faculty)
    • (A lot of) other ideas to follow in this document kindly compiled and updated by my previous students