Here's some pointers to the research projects I am/was involved with as technical and management leader for Telecom ParisTech :

  • mPlane, an FP7 project focused on building an Intelligent Measurement Plane for Future Network and Application Management
  • CONNECT, an ANR project on Content-Oriented Networking: a New Experience for Content Transfer
  • NAPA-WiNe, an FP7 strep project titled Network Aware P2p-Application over Wise Networks, that focus on p2p live streaming applications
  • TRANS, a CELTIC Project of the Eureka Cluster Programme titled Traffic Aware Network and Services, more info to come
  • TIGER2, a CELTIC Project of the Eureka Cluster Programme which continues upon the success of Tiger
  • Tiger, a CELTIC Project of the Eureka Cluster Programme that focus on Carrier-class Ethernet architectures for the Metro-core segment. Tiger has been considered a very successful project by the EU, and has received the Celtic Excellence Award in gold.
  • EuroNF, the FP7 European Network of Excellence on the Network of the Future (formerly EuroNGI/EuroFGI)

Here's some additional pointers to the research projects I was involved with prior to joining Telecom ParisTech :

  • MIMOSA (2005–2007), Prof. A. Pattavina, Politecnico di Milano
MIUR PRIN, MIsure sperimentali e MOdelli di traffico dati multiServizio a pAcchetto
(Experimental Measurements and Traffic Models of Multiservice Packet Networks)
  • FAMOUS (2005–2007), Prof. A. Lombardo, Università di Catania
MIUR PRIN, Fluid Analytical Models Of aUtonomic Systems
  • REDLARF (2006–2006), Prof. I. Norros, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
EuroNGI JRA.S.15, Random Encounter Based Distribution of Large Files
  • IPAM (2005–2006), Prof. R. Valadas, IT Aveiro
EuroNGI JRA.S.13, Integration of Passive and Active Measurement Platforms
  • EuroNGI (2004–2006), Prof D. Kofman, ENST Telecom Paris
Network of Excellence on the Next Generation Internet
  • PATTERN (2003–2005), Prof. G. Mazzini, Università di Ferrara
MIUR PRIN, Protocols And cross-layer Techniques To achieve
Energy-efficiency in Reconfigurable adhoc and sensor Networks
  • TANGO (2001–2003), Prof. M. Ajmone Marsan, Politecnico di Torino
MIUR FIRB, Traffic models and Algorithms for Next Generation IP networks Optimization