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Ogonkify - Repairing PostScript fonts

Ogonkify is a little piece of magic that uses accents and base letters from regular PostScript fonts to build new glyphs. Ogonkify is therefore the right tool to build PostScript fonts that support accented characters usually not to be found. The most tremendous success of Ogonkify is that it allows East European people print their text.

You can help Juliusz Chroboczek, Ogonkify'author, by teaching Ogonkify how to build new glyphs. See the Ogonkify page!

a2print - A graphical interface to a2ps

a2print is a nice graphic interface for a2ps (4.8.4), built by, Mirko Vukusic mirko@efst.hr. Unfortunately it is now old, and Mirko does not have time to spend on this. Please, contribute!

nh2ps - Printing Hangul characters

nh2ps is a version of a2ps (4.3) devoted to the Korean, by Choi Jun Ho junker@jazz.snu.ac.kr.

ga2ps - Printing Greek characters

A version of a2ps (4.0) devoted to the Greek.