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Colourmaps for checking the legibility of displays by dichromats

The colour illustration on this page is produced by an interactive Java applet which allows to examine the numerical colour values by moving the mouse cursor over the palette image.

The following picture shows side-by-side every sample of the 256 colour palette of Table II in its normal, protan, and deutan version. (Fig. 3 in Color Res. Appl. 24, 243-252 (1999) )

Since your browser does not support Java Applets, you will only see a static image of the colour palette. A Java enabled browser would allow mouse-based interaction.

Image of colour palette

Colour picture illustrating how a 256 colour palette appears to 'colour-blind' observers. Within each block, the first column shows the original palette, the second and third columns show the simulated appearence for protanopes and deuteranopes.

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