Michèle Angela Wigger

Associate Professor
Communications and Electronics Department
Telecom ParisTech, CNRS LTCI
46, rue Barrault
75634 Paris Cedex 13

Email: michele.wigger(at)telecom-paristech.fr
Tel.: +33 1 45 81 7528

Research Interests: I'm interested in everything related to information theory, in particular with distributed users that have partial (imperfect) observations or can cooperate in some constrained fashion.
My main research activities so far have been related to one of the following:
  • Communication over networks with feedback, state-information, cooperation links, correlated sources, or caches.
  • Distributed compression and storage systems with side-information and reconstruction constraints.
  • Coordination of smart distributed agents.
  • For more information about my research, please consider my publications and presentations.