Mouhamadou Lamine BA
Post-doctoral research associate in Computer Science at Qatar Computing Research Institute in Doha, Qatar. I am a member of the Data Analytics Research Group whose focus is on solving real-world data management challenges. QCRI is an initiative of Qatar Foundation.

Tornado Tower, 18th floor
Doha, Qatar

Mouhamadou Lamine Ba is a post-doctoral research associate at QCRI (Qatar Computing Research Institute) in Doha, Qatar, working with Dr. Laure Berti-Equille within the Data Analytics Research Group. He is graduated with a PhD in Computer Science and Networks from Télécom ParisTech under the supervision of Talel Abdessalem and Pierre Senellart. Prior to that, he got a Bachelor and a Master in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, known as the most prestigious university in Senegal. Mouhamadou Lamine Ba has been involved in several research projects (DataRing, DROD, CCIPX, and Chaire big data) and review committees (Information Science, BigComp, EDBT, iiWAS). He published research and demo papers in international conferences and Workshops (DocEng, EDBT, WebDB, DChanges, DASFAA Workshops, etc.) and spent some times in industry as a computer expert or an intern. See his CV for details.


The research interests of Mouhamadou Lamine Ba spread out both theoretical and practical aspects of database management systems, Web data analytics, social media, and uncertain data management. His current research is centered around the following topics.

  • Data integration

  • Truth discovery

  • Data quality assessment

  • Urban computing and smart city